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2015 MANE Awards



   Deadline: February 6, 2015

  The United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Professional Advisory Committee for Nursing is seeking nominations for the Minnegerode Awards for Nursing Excellence (MANE).These awards recognize and honor contribution(s) by Commissioned Corps, Civil Service, and Tribal Direct hire nurses of outstanding and sustained nature, which have had a substantial impact on the mission of the USPHS.  MANE Awards The MANE awards will be presented to each award recipient by the USPHS Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) at the annual Nursing Recognition Day. Eligibility: Department of Health and Human Services and Non-OPDIV nurses (Civil Service, Commissioned Corps, or Tribal Direct Hire; Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Registered Nurse or Advanced Practice Nurse). All nominations should cover activities which have been performed/ accomplished within the past 2 years.

Criteria: Nominee(s) must demonstrate through innovation and creativity, outstanding nursing contributions with measurable benefits. Department of Health and Human Services nurses may be nominated for any one of the following MANE awards: 

  1. McLaughlin Award for Clinical Services; 

Exemplary leadership and skill resulting in noteworthy accomplishments as a clinician over a period of time focusing on the timely and ethical delivery of health care in a direct care setting. The provision of services improve health outcomes and/or services for patients/clients as well as enhance employee and/or patient/client relationships, productivity, quality, work methods and timeliness of health care delivery. 

  1. Hanzel Award for Administrative Activities 

Exemplary leadership as a nurse executive resulting in noteworthy accomplishments, such as:

  • Management of a health care program
  • Development or improvement of methods of delivery of services;
  • Enhancement of employee and/or patient/client relationships, productivity, quality, work methods and timeliness of health care delivery;
  • Organization or implementation of a program demonstrating creative utilization of resources; or
  • Development, modification or implementation of health and regulatory policy. 
  1. Hasselmeyer Award for Research Initiatives 

Exemplary leadership resulting in noteworthy accomplishments in conducting nursing research and clinical investigation which stimulates the development of new knowledge and practice in nursing and/or the health professions.  

  1. Petry Leone Award for Health Promotion and Education  

Exemplary leadership resulting in noteworthy accomplishments in patient/client or professional education, which informs and educates consumers and/or health care practitioners about significant health related issues and promotes healthy lifestyles. 

  1. Gregg Group Award for Teamwork 

Exemplary leadership contributions by a team of nurses resulting in noteworthy accomplishments and positive outcomes towards the attainment of PHS goals. Describe how the nominated nurse functioned as a team with other members of the group, the nature of the nursing leadership and participation, and the level of the nurse’s contribution. Explain how nursing participation and input enhanced the accomplishments, outcomes and impact of the work done.  Examples include:

  • Contributions to the health of individuals, families and/ or communities through initiatives implemented at the local, state and/or national level
  • Coordination or participation in the development of new program(s) and/or establishing new standards of care
  • Coordination or participation in the development and/or implementation of interdisciplinary health care initiative(s)
  • Contributions to interdisciplinary efforts (or the work of multiple disciplines) in achieving common health care goals. 

Nomination Procedure  Anyone may nominate an eligible nurse/team for service(s) that meet the purpose for which these awards have been established. All nominations submitted should:

  1. Describe the degree of impact on the public health mission of the PHS by a nurse (or team of nurses for the Gregg Group Award for Teamwork).
  2. Describe how the nominee(s) exceeds normal performance requirements.
  3. Submitted or endorsed by the nominee’s first line supervisor. 

Nominations will be reviewed by the Professional Advisory Committee for Nursing (NPAC) Awards Subcommittee and forwarded to the CNO with recommendations. All Commissioned Officers must be OFRD qualified. Final selection and presentation will be made by the CNO. More than one award may be given in each category, but an award in every category may not be given every year. Selection will be based solely on the submitted nominations.  To review the 2012 winners go to the following link . Cover sheet, submission and blinded copy (Blinded copy means removing any identifying information for the nominee, includes name and OPDIV to maintain anonymity and avoid bias) must be received ELECTRONICALLY by February 6, 2014, and should be sent to the MANE Awards Team Leaders, LCDR Daniel Wagoner and CDR George Flores .


2015 MANE Cover Sheet



*Please include the Cover Sheet for MANE Award Nominations, the nomination, and a blinded copy. The blinded copy needs to have ALL identifying information removed. NO nomination will be scored without the Cover Sheet/blinded copy. All submissions must be limited to two pages. Nominations’ will be forwarded to the NPAC Repository & Mentorship Subcommittee for inclusion in the NPAC publications database.