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Publication Award Nominations - Deadline October 31, 2012

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The United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Professional Advisory Committee for Nursing (N-PAC) is seeking nominations for three (3) Publication Awards.  These awards recognize and honor contribution(s) by Commissioned Corps, Civil Service, and Tribal Direct hire nurses of outstanding nature, which have had a substantial impact on the mission of the USPHS.

The Publication Awards consist of engraved plaques which will be presented to each award recipient by the USPHS Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) at the annual Nurse Recognition Day.


1. The nominee/applicant must be a Department of Health and Human 
Services/Public Health Service (Commissioned Corps, Civil Service, or Tribal Direct Hire) nurse who is an author on a publication.  Each applicant may submit only one entry.  A third party may submit a paper in the name of an author given he/she has written permission from the author.  If selected, the author of the paper is the individual who would receive the award. If more than one PHS nurse is an author on the same paper, they can be nominated as a group for the same award.  However, if selected, the primary author will receive the plaque.

2. The applicant must not be a member of the Publication Awards Committee or a reviewer for any of the awards.  Reviewers will not be allowed to submit a nomination or be a nominee while they are serving on the committee. Persons in these categories must excuse themselves from their committee position(s).

3. An author who has received a prior publication award may not submit a publication for the same award for at least three years from the date the original award was received. Example:  Nurse Smith receives the RADM Faye G. Abdellah Publication Award in 2008.  Nurse Smith cannot apply for or be nominated again for this award before 2012.  In the interim, Nurse Smith can, however, apply for or be nominated for any other publication award.


1. Articles must have been published in 2010, 2011, or 2012, or accepted for publication by October 31st, 2012.  The full citation noting the publication date must be on at least one copy of the paper.  If the publication is in press, a copy of the acceptance letter must be submitted with the article.  Publications under review at the time of submission will not be considered.

2. Articles will be evaluated based on a) use of original ideas; b) organization of content c) use of relevant literature, d) quality of writing including critical analysis, e) contribution to health care literature, and f) relevance and/or benefit to the Public Health Service.

3. An award will be given in three categories for original works.  The criteria for the publication awards are listed below:

RADM Faye G. Abdellah Publication Award for Nursing Research

This award recognizes publications that stimulate the development of nursing knowledge and practice through scientific investigation and research. Suitable publications include scholarly papers that address research questions.


  • Research based on data collection by the applicant.
  • Primary or secondary data analysis.
  • Tool (instrument) development:  Methodological approach can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodology.

RADM O. Marie Henry Publication Award for Clinical Nursing Practice

This award recognizes publications that describe clinical nursing practice. Suitable publications include observations or trends in clinical nursing, clinical nursing research, or current issues in clinical practice.


  • Evidence of currency in clinical practice arena.
  • Client-centered care: “client” may be an individual or a group.
  • Clarity of presentation.
  • Methodological approaches are not limited.

RADM Julia Plotnick Publication Award for Health/Nursing Policy

This award recognizes publications that inform & educate consumers &/or healthcare practitioners about significant health related issues. Articles must be relevant to current trends; controversies in health; health policy issues concerning patient education, clinical practice, health communications, nursing policy, or program descriptions. Suitable publications include published articles reviewed by an editorial board or peer reviewed such as: book chapters, magazine articles, and case studies. Flyers, newspaper articles, and health advertisements will not be accepted.


  • Describes a significant issue in health, health promotion, disease/injury prevention, or healthcare policy.
  • Evidence of critical thinking or expertise in the subject matter.
  • Impact or magnitude of the contribution on current health trends.
  • Timelines & relevance of the issue to current health trends.
  • Innovative approach to health issues.


Nominations will be reviewed by the Professional Advisory Committee for 
Nursing (N-PAC) Awards Subcommittee and forwarded to the CNO with recommendations.  Final selection and presentation will be made by the CNO.

Publications should be submitted on time, in published format, and be no longer than 30 pages.

Please include the following:

  1. A cover letter, which includes the nominator’s name, agency, work telephone number, work address and email address as well as the nominees name, agency, work telephone number, and work and email address.
  2. A copy of the published paper or accepted manuscript with a letter of acceptance including the full citation and publication date.
  3. One blinded copy (i.e. delete the author(s) name(s), degrees & institutional affiliation from all pages).*

*Please note the following maximum attachment sizes:  messages are limited to 25 megabytes (MB) in size and documents are limited to 1,024,000 characters, regardless of the number of pages or font size. Uploaded document files cannot be larger than 2MB.

- If a third party is submitting a paper to nominate an author, written permission from the author must be received via e-mail from the nominee by the submission deadline in order for the nomination packet to be considered complete.

Please note that publications must be in English or translated into English and will not be returned.  In addition, all articles submitted for nomination will be forwarded to the N-PAC Repository & Mentorship Subcommittee for inclusion in the N-PAC publications database.

The deadline for the electronic receipt of nominations for the Publications Nursing Awards is October 31, 2012.

Please email nomination packet to Note:  If the nominator requires assistance please email CDR Debra Aynes at or and LCDR Dianna D. Wardlow-Dotter at, Co-Team Leads, N-PAC Publications Awards, with an email subject titled N-PAC PUBS.