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2013 Nurse Recognition Day

22nd Annual U.S. Public Health Service Nursing Recognition Day
Embracing Diversity: Limitless Possibilities in Nursing

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Audio Recording of the Welcome, Introduction, and Opening Remarks:

(Running Time 29 minutes 12 seconds)

Keynote Address: “Collaboration & Resourcefulness: Thinking Outside the Box”
Presenter: Christine Grady, PhD, RN

  1. Interpret emerging opportunities as part of an interdisciplinary team to transform nursing through leadership, education and policy making.
  2. Illustrate ways in which nurses can be full partners with physicians and other health care professionals.

Download (PPTX, 3.72MB)

(Running Time 47 minutes 11 seconds)




2013 Publication Awards Recipient Presentations:

RADM Faye G. Abdellah Publication Award for Nursing Research::―Information Systems on Human Resources for Health: A Global Review”
Presenter: CAPT Patricia Riley, Ret. USPHS  [Powerpoint Download]

  1. Define a systematic process for creating a global health workforce evidence base.
  2. Articulate the strengths and weaknesses associated with global human resource information systems (HRIS).

(Running Time 16 minutes 44 seconds)

RADM O. Marie Henry Publication Award for Clinical Nursing Practice: “The Role of Technology and Informatics in Disaster Planning and Response”
Presenter: CAPT Lynn A. Slepski, USPHS [Powerpoint Download]

  1. Describe at least two contributions that informatics can provide to emergency planning and response.
  2. List at least two ways that informatics tools can be designed and used to support decision making and knowledge base building in emergency.

(Running Time 14 minutes 25 seconds)

RADM Julia R. Plotnick Publication Award for Health/Nursing Policy: “Caregiving Burden, Stress, & Health Effects among Family Caregivers of Adult Cancer Patients”
Presenter: LCDR Margaret F. Bevans, USPHS [Powerpoint Download]

  1. Describe the psychological, behavioral and physiological effects of caregiving.
  2. Describe the practice implications from the current evidence for health care providers.

(Running Time 25 minutes 03 seconds)




Audio Recording of the Presentation of Awards (MANE and CNO Awards):

(Running Time 33 minute 50 seconds)




Leadership Workshop, Presenter: CDR Antoinette Jones, USPHS [Powerpoint Download]

  1. Appraise how highly competent nurses can build on their individual nursing skills to transform into highly competent nurse leaders.
  2. Specify ways nurse leaders can stimulate the interdisciplinary healthcare team to improve the healthcare system in the United States.
  3. Examine and discuss the importance of continuous training and education to broaden nurses’ horizons and prepare them to undertake new leadership roles in an evolving healthcare system.

(Running Time 2 hours 51 minutes)



Breakout Sessions 1 & 2, Breaking the Mold: Nontraditional Roles for Nurses

  1. Define and examine a variety of nontraditional nursing roles that transform nursing through leadership, education, diversity and policy making.
  2. Review pathways to achieve transformational nontraditional nursing roles.

Breakout Session 1 (3 options):

  1. “Cultural Influences in Nursing”, Main auditorium, Barbara Wise, PhD, RN,CPNP-AC/PC [PowerPoint download]

    (Running Time 31 minutes 36 seconds)

  2. “Ethics/Legal”, CAPT Keian Weld, USPHS [PowerPoint download]

    (Running Time 41 minutes 5 seconds)

  3. “Student Session: Everything you Wanted to Know about the USPHS”, CDR Tammie Brent Howard, USPHS [PowerPoint download]

    (Running Time 38 minutes 35 seconds)

Breakout Session 2 (3 options):

  1. “Ethical Considerations in Transplantation”, Marci Andrejko, RN, BSN, OCN® and Sharon Flynn, MS, RN, CRNP-BC, OCN® [PowerPoint download]

    (Running Time 36 minutes 3 seconds)

  2. “Emergency Response”, CAPT Susan Orsega, USPHS [PowerPoint download]
  3. “Panel presentation, Nurses in Multidisciplinary Roles”, CDR Anitra Johnson, USPHS, CDR Sophia Russell, USPHS, and LCDR Lisa Gilliam, USPHS [PowerPoint download]

    (Running Time 1 hour 28 minutes)



Public Health and Nursing, RADM Boris Lushniak Main auditorium
Deputy Surgeon General

(Running Time 1 hour 12 minutes)
The audio above includes the presentations by both RADM Lushniak and Julia Bluestone, CNM, MS

Afternoon Address: “You’re going WHERE? Nursing Possibilities in International Public Health”
Julia Bluestone, CNM, MS

  1. Define and specify non-traditional roles in international public health settings.
  2. Determine pathways for working in international public health settings and serve as an agent of change to promote public health.

Download (PPT, 5.35MB)



Tribute to RADM Kerry P. Nesseler:

Download (PDF, 7.71MB)