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Uniform of the Day for the 2014 USPHS Symposium

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Questions have arisen recently about proper uniforms to wear at the 2014 USPHS Symposium particularly at the Anchor & Caduceus Dinner on Tuesday, June 10.  The Commissioned Officers Foundation wants as many members to attend the Symposium as can afford to do so.  The program is particularly outstanding this year, and educational opportunities abound.  There are also myriad opportunities to meet and interact with fellow officers, and networking is one of the major Symposium benefits.  The language below was taken from the COF website and reflects our determination that lack of a specific dress uniform should not be a barrier to attendance at any COF event.  Link:

 From the COF Website: 

 Presenters: Service Dress White, Service Dress Blue or Summer White

 Attendees: Any combination of uniform (i.e. Khakis, Summer White, Service Dress White or Service /Dress Blue or modified Service Dress White/Service Dress Blue

 Anchor & Caduceus Dinner:  Preferred uniforms are the Dinner Dress White Jacket for 0-4 and above and Dinner Dress White (small medals, no name tag) for 0-3 and below.  However, we do not want to discourage officers from attending this important event, so they also may wear Service Dress Blue with bow tie and miniature medals, or the best uniform they own.  Other services should wear equivalent uniforms.  The civilian dress equivalent is black tie. 

 Reference POM 14-001 <> , dated 7 April 2014, “Uniform of the Day - Spring and Summer 2014” 

 It is definitely not too late to sign up for the Symposium, as over 770 of your fellow officers have done. Register online <> .  There is still room at the Anchor & Caduceus Dinner, even if you already registered and now want to attend the dinner.  We look forward to seeing you in Raleigh next month.

 Thank you,