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N-PAC New Member Orientation Guide


 The N-PAC New Member Orientation Resource Guide is to serve as  a tool in becoming more familiar with the N-PAC processes, guidelines and procedures.


I.  Welcome Message from the Chief Nurse

II. 2015 N-PAC Chair Welcome   (— KB)

III.  N-PAC Accomplishments:

a. N-PAC Annual Report FY 2014   (769 KB)

b. N-PAC FY2013 Annual Report (Consolidated)   (84 KB)

c. N-PAC Accomplishments Fiscal Year 2012     (147 KB)

IV. Meet your N-PAC Leadership and fellow N-PAC members (October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016)

a. Current N-PAC Voting Members 2016  (— KB)

b. Current N-PAC Sub-Committee Chairs & Ex-Officio List - Fiscal Year 2016   (22 KB)

c. N-PAC Organizational Chart   (238 KB)

V. Voting Member Responsibilities

a. Combined Checklist for New Voting Members

VI. Selecting your N-PAC member alternate

VII. N-PAC meetings

 a. N-PAC meeting minutes Archive

 VIII.  N-PAC Planning Calendar: FY 20164    ( 186 KB)

IX.  N-PAC Sub-Committee Operating Procedures    (213 KB)

X.  N-PAC Sub-Committee Goals, Objectives, and Resources Available:

a. Awards Sub-Committee

b. Career Development Sub-Committee

c. Communications Sub-Committee

d. Events Sub-Committee

e. Readiness & Response Sub-Committee

f. Recruitment & Retention Sub-Committee

g. Resource REACH Sub-Committee

 X.  N-PAC Charter   (  426 KB, Updated June, 2014)

XI. N-PAC Bylaws -  ( 84 KB, Updated September, 2013)