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Resource REACH Subcommittee

Resource REACH stands for:

R — Research
E — Education
A — Advocacy
CH — Community Health practice

Resource REACH Subcommittee Co-Chairs:

CDR Sidney Hairston


CDR Jacquin L. Jones



The following Teams are part of this Sub-Committee:

Research Team — CDR Stephanie K. Bardack and CDR Loustalot Fleetwood are the team leads.

Publications and Presentations Team - CDR Edward Wolfgang and LCDR Heather Bullock are the team leaders.

Public Health Advocacy Team — LCDR Christine Merenda is the team leader.
One vacancy for team lead.

Nursing Practice Team — LCDR Judith Mather and LCDR Latoya Sewell are the team leaders.

Goals and Objectives

Research Team Goals

  • Stimulate collaboration to participate and communicate nursing research in the federal sector
  • Highlight and encourage participation in nursing-led research and careers in research
  • Conduct nursing research and give guidance on outcomes based practice to support the mission and vision of PHS nursing
Research Team Objectives
  • Disseminate research findings that support best practice, education, and scholarship associated with health care policy, public health advocacy, and nursing practice through list serves, and PHS nursing website quarterly.
  • Conduct yearly presentations about research for nursing audience (NPAC meetings, agency meetings, conferences) about use of research in practice.
  • Inform nurses about participation in research and training opportunities (conferences, web courses, and other venues) through list serves and NPAC website quarterly.
  • Identify and disseminate information on research, scholarship, internship, and fellowship opportunities for the career development of nurses through list serves, NPAC website. Make periodic announcements through agencies and NPAC.
  • Post nurse authored publications and presentations to NPAC website quarterly.
  • Advise and participate with other NPAC subcommittees and USPHS groups on research-related activities supporting nursing category priority areas such as readiness, retention, and recruitment.
  • Establish a working relationship with various agencies to explore and clarify research support opportunities among settings in which federal nurses are employed.  This would include Tribal settings, the National Institute of Nursing Research, the Tri-Service Research Group, and other Federal research groups. 
Publications and Presentations Team Goals
  • Encourage nurses to submit articles and presentations that advocate for health promotion, career opportunity, and disease intervention/prevention
  • To solicit speakers to present topics of nursing interest and career opportunity at monthly NPAC Lunch and Learn sessions
Specific Objectives/Tasks and Champions
  • Identify the clearance process and required look and feel for HHS/SG-related Web-based and printed materials.  Also, identify resources available on the SG and HHS Websites that support the priorities of the SG that may be useful to our nurses and have them linked to the SG priority Webpage on the NPAC website. – Project Leader CDR S. England (
  • Establish ‘Every Nurse is A Public Health Advocate’ on the N-PAC’s website with a description of the initiative and links to supporting resources, e.g., SG’s website, and other credible links that support the SG’s priorities. – Project Leader CDR J Creager (
  • Develop basic slides of the SG’s priorities that can be added to any professional presentation. -Project Leader LCDR A. Kidd (
  • Explore collaborating with other Categories, e.g., Pharmacy, to develop and implement plans for conducting health promotional outreach of SG’s health priorities at the national, state, and local levels.  -Project Leader CAPT A. Martinelli (
  • Explore collaborating with HHS National Vaccine Program Office to promote health care worker influenza vaccination initiative. Work with HHS National Vaccine Program Office to promote the health care worker influenza vaccination initiative. Develop and publish NPAC position and impact statements to the public about the importance of receiving childhood and adult vaccinations. Encourage health care workers to receive the influenza vaccine annually through educational presentations and participation in influenza clinics. – Project Leader CDR D. Shaffer (
  • Highlight activities nurses are doing that promote the SG’s priorities on the N-PAC Web site. – Project Leader LCDR K. Dorse (
  • Develop prototype presentations (10 to 15 minutes in length each) that address each of the Surgeon General’s priorities that can be used at the national, state, or local level, as well as shared with school nurses and other community intermediaries. – Project Leader LCDR A. Kidd (
  • Explore collaborating with Regional Health Advisors to better promote healthy behaviors, e.g., eating, in schools. – Project Leader LCDR D. Wagner (
  • Identify opportunities and coordinate activities to promote ‘Every Nurse is a Public Health Advocate.’ – Project Leader CDR J Creager (
  • Write articles for submission to Frontline and other publications pertaining to the group’s efforts. – Project Leader CDR M. Rettino (
  • Develop a ‘best practices list’ of public health advocacy outreach that can be replicated and posted on the N-PAC Web site.

Surgeon General’s Public Health Initiatives

Nursing Practice Team Goals

  • Promoting and collaborating on best practice models and programs
  • Identifying best practices and evaluating their functions
  • Creating a library of evidence-based practice materials
  • Providing resources on administrative/clinical practice issues
  • Serving as subject matter experts by
    • Identifying the pros and cons of various models
    • Informing nurses about legistrative issues that may impact nursing practice
    • Assisting nurses with implementing the concept of excellence in everyday practice
  • Advising and making recommendations on policy issues relating to the nurse workforce, nursing education and nursing practice improvement
  • Identifying trends and directions that are emerging nationally to address the issues for N-PAC members

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